UMN partners with Government of Lumbini during crisis

UMN recently provided personal protective materials at the entry points and border crossing posts of Lumbini Province on 29 April 2021.

UMN and United Mission Hospital Tansen (located in this Province) were privileged to send out a timely help of 500 face shields and 1000 bottles of hand sanitisers to the Regional Directorate of Health of Lumbini Province to better manage and control the current infection risks at the border.

Senior Public Health Administrator of Lumbini Province Roshan Lal Chaudhary handed the above items over to Superintendent of Armed Police Rajesh Upreti of Kapilvastu. Jiwan Bhattarai, Officiating Director of Tansen Hospital was present to hand over the materials.

UMN and United Mission Hospital Tansen are happy to support and be of help in this alarming situation of heightened COVID-19 risk at this particular Nepal-India border point.

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