‘Carlo’ introducing Nepal in Italy

KATHMANDU: MARCH. 14 – What exactly did you remember when you said ‘finale’? Surely you understand the grand finale of a game or a reality show? But the finale discussed here is neither the final game nor the grand finale of any reality show.

Fina is a beautiful tourist destination in Italy. Fina is a beautiful city, which attracts millions of tourists every year. Tourists love to trek in the finale with rocky mountains like Nepal, there are biking trails, rock climbing can be done.

Due to its landlocked location, some people come to the boats for swimming, swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing, and to enjoy nighttime discos on the beach. Carlo Mamberto from the same beautiful city is in Nepal. It has been almost 14 years since he came to Nepal. He is still in Nepal.

“I was 30 when I came here. I was young, I was very enthusiastic. ‘He says laughing,’ Now I am in Nepal at the age of 44. I am doing something in the tourism and social sector here. I am trying to do something. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

He was talking to journalists at a hotel in Thamel on Friday evening. From time to time he would get up and tell his story. This process continued for a while. They are children born to deaf parents. Even if the father and mother cannot speak or hear, they can speak and hear.

Mamberto, who entered Nepal in his youth, is a resident of Finale without being a tourist. As he wandered around, he fell in love with Nepal. He says that he has seen immense potential of tourism in Nepal. ‘Nepal is a magical country. Everything is here. Everything should be done for the development of the tourism sector here, ‘he says.

While in Nepal, he explored the possibilities of adventure sports such as rock climbing and skiing. He said that he started rock climbing in Nagarkot. He has not only done such adventurous work in Nepal but also made Nepalis efficient by teaching them.

He wants to spread more propaganda about Nepal in Italy. Thousands of Italian tourists want to enter Nepal every year. Carlo, who has visited thousands of Italian tourists so far, now plans to help attract Italian tourists to Nepal.

He has been doing a lot of social work for Nepal through FINA for Nepal. He runs campaigns ranging from distributing educational materials to students to collecting garbage from the tourist area.

Carlo, who provided free food to thousands of people in Nepal during the Corona epidemic, even rescued stray dogs and sent them to Italy. He says, ‘I am a nature lover. For Nepal and Nepalis, I will live for life. ‘He has so far visited thousands of Italians in Nepal.

What is more interesting is that he has visited deaf and dumb people from all over Europe. According to Achyut Gurung, a Nepali tourism entrepreneur who has been collaborating with Carlo, even at this age Carlo is alone. Jokingly, Gurung says, ‘Carlo has been drawn to Nepal in this way. He considered Nepal as his everything. He is so attracted by the love of Nepal that he did not even get a chance to make a girlfriend. ‘

Carlo personally does not want any publicity for what he has done. Serve quietly, walk. Entrepreneur Gurung says that he has become anonymous even after doing so much social work in Nepal due to this habit. He says, ‘A foreigner is working day and night to introduce Nepal in this way. The state should recognize such people. It is necessary to make him a tourism ambassador and spread more information about Nepal’s tourism all over the world. ‘

नेपालको पर्यटन प्रवर्द्धनमा जुटेका इटालियन ‘कार्लो मेम्बर्टो’

Tikaram Nepali, another businessman, said that the government would be relieved to boost the Nepali tourism business, which was exhausted due to the Corona epidemic. He said that the government should be serious about Nepal’s tourism laws and management of tourist areas. “Foreign tourists are charged exorbitant fees. But the government should also take initiative for their safety and convenience in the area. The government should also be serious about Nepali tourism workers, ”he said.

Entrepreneurs say that they expect the government’s support in developing Nepal’s tourism sector through ‘Sustainable Tourism’.

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